Gelato Follia

About us

It was an ordinary day, while placing one of our ice creams in the display; a woman approached me and thanked me for what I do. I replied puzzled that I am doing nothing more than what I used to do during the last years, the work that I loved so much. Then she turned towards me and said: “No Nikos, we thank you because you are making our children happy!”

I felt then that what I do is very important and what can be more important than to give joy to others and especially to children through your job.

So together with good friends and partners and having many years of experience in the gelato production, we decided to create Gelato Follia.

We create every day in our shops, where everyone can visit and taste new recipes from around the world, new flavors using as basis fresh milk, fruits, nuts and generally the best materials on the market without the addition of chemicals and colors, having quality always as the main factor.